Website Development And Integration

Buzzr can quickly be deployed, requiring only the configuration of a Cloud environment and the addition of your logo and contact information. Available in both WordPress an Drupal environments.  We have great website designer, content development and content marketing available, too. We can also develop new features just for your environment. In addition, we can integrate Buzzr with a variety of external services, such as intranets, CRMs, e-commerce suites. We can create specialized APIs where necessary.


We begin implementation with an assessment of your intended use cases and the creation of custom themes/designs to meet your exact needs. You can then choose from the hundreds of features are available as part of the standard Buzzr platform, or we can create new features drawn from thousands of additional plug ins and modules

Themes can range from multi-page sites with dozens of features already enabled and hundreds of content nodes, to simple one-page micro-sites. Many small and medium sized enterprise themes and styles are also included at no additional cost.

A one-click theme can be created and customized by any user with the correct permissions. Site creation can be limited to the central site administrator, or made self-service, with optional integration of credit card payments.

Central site directory deployments, such as guides created by dynamic updating of content across all sites in the environment, can be configured on a custom basis after we develop a specification of your needs.

Technical support is available in English or Spanish.

Manage and Monitor

Features for creating sites and new users, and monitoring them, are part of a central administrative interface.

Any individual site created with Buzzr can be exported by the central administrator. The Buzzr White Label codebase is contractually guaranteed to be available in the future and technology escrow services are available to secure your customized environment.


Buzzr takes care of all hosting, security, performance optimization, leaving you free to pursue your ideas while we handle the back-end technology. With the help of hosting partners like Rackspace, we monitor your environment in the cloud 24×7. We always provide high-touch point support to help you achieve your end goals, including on-site training worldwide.

Our technical team has experience scaling environment to thousands of sites and millions of pages views.

We are also available to provide custom design services to you or your end user clients (as a private label service, using your brand.) We also offer private label, value-add end user support, including content marketing, SEO, Social Media Optimization and monthly keyword and analytics reports.

Our content marketing team includes experts from major editorial websites, like and