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Self-Service Sites

Under the hood of’s content discovery, social publishing and website creation platform is WordPress.

Mortal Kombat A-Z

Best U.S. High Schools

Tennis Fans

Basketball Luv

Drupal Sites

Buzzr has been used to create a diverse array of websites and Quickstarts for businesses, non-profits, large media company resellers, niche digital marketing specialists, and for multi-site products.

Typical end user websites include schools, manufacturers, non-profits, legal offices, retail stores, and hundreds of other entities. But it’s also been used for robust projects such as a site to accompany an important historical exhibit, a directory and review site used by 30,000 U.K. churches, and an independent record label. Calll (917) 410-1490 for more information.

Buzzr Education Edition

Specifically designed for schools, the Buzzr Education Edition is for small colleges, private schools, university schools (e.g. law, medical), and even self-service multi-sites (up to thousands of sites.) Among the scores of features are an intuitive, icon-based user interface for managing content; fully customized and responsive website design and an expanded list of content types that includes faculty profiles, news articles, feature stories, and dynamically generated list pages. Here are some typical sites:

Paul Smith’s College

Commerce Website

A recent commerce sites built on the Buzzr platform is Karelina’s Leotards, a sporting goods attire line. The website features hundreds of high end garments for women, organized by in dozens of categories and sub-categories. Our list view feature allows fluid organization of products.


Technology Company

Bright is a U.K. technology consulting company. Their new website includes more than a dozen different layouts. Bright was one of the first websites to use Buzzr 3.0, which includes vastly more flexible drag & drop capabilities. They are also a Buzzr reseller.

Architect/Full Page Slideshow

Atlanta architect Peter Case decided he wanted a photo driven site to debut his line of home case works, Peter Block Caseworks, including fine cabinetry. The Buzzr “Build It For Me” team modified the slideshow feature to allow full-page photos and the result is a striking visual tour of his line that envelops the entire homepage screen.
Peter Block Caseworks

Online Publisher

Niche publisher Energy Sipp chose Buzzr to create a website dedicated to the subject of energy saving devices, ranging from small cars to light bulbs. The website takes heavy advantage of Custom Pages and Custom Forms to create directories of products. The site also features display ads from Google Ad Sense, an option available for Professional edition clients.

Historical Archive Project

The 40 Families Project traces the lineage of 40 Japanese families in southern California. Created by the Palos Verde Library District, project organizers compiled historical photos going back to the 1920s, oral histories, maps, immigration database and more.

Yoga and Acupuncture Instruction

This website is a good example of a simple Drupal-powered website maintained by a non-technical end user. Its simple but elegant design is a reflection of the instructor’s philosophy.

Real Estate

Canewood Properties is a real estate development in Ontario, Canada. The website features a slick design to compliment its message of sustainable development. The site maximizes the versatility of the Buzzr design suite in creating a variety of multi-column layouts.
Canewood Properties

Legal Office

Attorney David Spoede wanted an upgraded website, at an affordable price, to better promote his legal practice. But he didn’t want to be dependent on developers every time he wanted to change his site. Spoede opted to use Buzzr’s website design services team. We then coached Spoede to take control of updating the website day-to-day.