Outsourced Website Production, Design, Content, Customer Support

Buzzr offers extensive production, design, content marketing and custom support services for our white label clients. Buzzr can be customized at your request with thousands of plugs ins and modules. Or, we can develop new fetures just for your environment. In addition, we can integrate Buzzr with a variety of external services, such as intranets, CRMs, e-commerce suites. We can also create custom APIs.

We provide outsourced private-label website production, custom design and customer support services for Buzzr clients. We have both on shore and offshore resources and can manage clients selling thousands of websites/mobile websites each month. Our designers also create custom Quickstarts in a huge variety of verticals for the Buzzr Enterprise Edition. Past examples of heavily customized vertical templates include restaurants, hotels, retail hardware stores, churches, non-profits and dentists.

You want to make your presence felt online. A website with good content is a great starting point. But you need more. Standing out from the crowd means knowing how to best leverage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Wikipedia. We’re content experts. Our roots are in publishing. We built Buzzr based on decades of experience writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and academic publications. We’ve worked with large media companies, small businesses, venture-backed tech companies, prominent CEOS and many others.