Easy Publishing

Market You

Differentiate yourself! Become a trusted source of valuable information by creating blogs, articles, directories, and custom content forms (e.g. recipes or bios.) See how one church group used Buzzr for their website. Case Study

A Myriad of Design Tools

Whether you're a beginner and want an instant theme, an online Picasso who wants a rainbow palette of colors at your disposal with just a point and click, or an advanced themer who needs CSS with version control, Buzzr has you covered. Or Get a Custom Business Website Design!

Totally Portable

10 seconds to export - 10 minutes to rebuild with Drupal. Never get stuck on a D.I.Y. platform again. Re-install your site on any database. Under the hood, you'll get Drupal, a powerful and free professional developer platform.

Professional Strength

The same advanced features used by the White House, Sony Artists and The Economist and now streamlined especially for the non-technical user! Turn features on and off with a check box and easily decide exactly who has permission to do what your site. Large enterprises spend tens of thousands for sites with this power.

Next Generation Quickstarts

Next gen templates

Complete sites, created by synthesizing the best websites in a vertical, then layering in advanced Buzzr features, like custom directories and auto-tweet. Start with a Quickstart, then personalize with drag & drop widgets. Or Get a Custom Professional Design! See how the leading provider of Ace Hardware store websites leverages custom Quickstarts. Case Study

Super Social

Super Social

The only website platform specifically designed for Social Media Optimization (Learn the ABCs of SMO.) Use your website to build a network of loyal followers on Twitter and Facebook. Plus be part of our network of Buzzr sites, giving you access to thousands of more visitors.

Now with Auto-Tweet!

Serious Power. Under Your Total Control.

Buzzr gives you exceptional "online content marketing" and publishing features. Watch how a state-of-the-art website is created with just drag & drop and point & click. Plus an incredible design suite! More than 100,000 websites use cutting-edge modules created by Buzzr.

*Drupally Delicious


Used by Sony, The White House, Martha Stewart, and The Economist, Drupal is the world's most state-of-the-art website creation platform. Buzzr is "Drupal-Made-Easy," featuring a slick drag & drop user interface ("Breathtaking," says one Stanford analyst) that ordinary users can master without months of training. We offer a carefully curated configuration of the best of the Drupal's 10,000+ modules, plus 100 proprietary modules. And we take care of hosting, security and upgrades -- among the biggest headaches of running a website.

Lullabot Love


Buzzr's development is led by Lullabot, one of the world's leading Drupal consulting and education firm, whose team of about 40 people includes many Drupal luminaries. Lullabot is the author of "Using Drupal" from O'Reilly press and the "Understanding Drupal" video series. Clients include Sony Artists, LifeTime TV, the Grammys, BBC, The Economist, MTV, Fast Company and many others.

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