A Powerful Choice of Features

Buzzr.com offers a vast array of features - including mobile responsive design, responsive layouts and mobile editing. What’s more, we’ve streamlined the interface to empower regular people take control of even the most sophisticated features. More than 25,000 other feature modules are available on the Drupal.org library and an be added upon request. Here is a partial list of standard features in every Buzzr installation:


Central member profiles (variable fieldss e.g. name, photo, interests) Choose features exposed to environments clients and contributors
Multiple roles per site: unregistered, registered, contributor, administrator, mananger Quickstart feature/permission, design, layout and sample content packages
One click cloning of Quickstarts Features turn on and off with a checkbox
Streamlined websites’ overview e.g. storage per site, site admin, latest activity Streamlined central member management


Pop-up windows for editing or configuring content on web page Blog content type (variable fields can be determined by custom content kit tool)
Static pages with rich text/multi-media editor Static page integration with widget interface
Contact Us web form (with site admin e-mail notification) Web Forms -- custom forms for site visitors to fill in
E-mail notification of new web form entry Database access to web forms
Image galleries Slideshows
Pre-styled “About Page” Press release pre-configured Content Type
Restaurant menu pre-configured Content Type Pre-styled “Restaurant Menu Page”
Coupon pre-configured Content Type Commenting
Five star rankings Customer reviews/ratings
Calendar Event listings content type
Music/audio players and audio hosting Users can download MP3s
Music album pre-configured content type Tag cloud page
Multi-location icons on map Product/Service pre-configured Content Tytpe (integrated with PayPal shopping cart)
“About Page” pre-configured Content Type (i.e. Yelp-type directory listing form with mutiple choice radials) Create your own Content Types (e.g. text fields, radial buttons, date/time, calendar pop-up, URL, image, document/PDF upload, multi-field choice)
Create Content Type directories/lists from any Content Type (e.g. alphabetical or reverse, by highest rated, chronological or reverse, by tag, by author)


Drag & Drop widgets on all pages of the site Designate widget to appear on one or all pages
Create tables in Multi-purpose widgets Insert videos in Multi-purpose widgets
Calendar snapshot (from internal calendar) Upcoming events summary (from internal calendar)
Latest coupon (from internal coupon page) Image gallery slideshow (multiple sizes, from internal galleries)
Image gallery grid (multiple layouts and sizes, from internal galleries) Navigation and menu (horizontal and vertical)
Product/Service for sale (dynamically updated from internal page) HTML embed (from external sites)
Join Now Who’s New
Who’s Online Recent Comments
Group Members (for internal group pages) Newsletter Sign Up
YouTube player Tags
Follow icons (Twitter, Facebook and Yelp) Google Map
Contact information form widget
Recent Tweets (designate ay Twitter account)
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Embeds
Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
My Groups (for members belonging to groups) Multi-purpose widget for positioning and editing text, images and rich media (rich text editor)
Custom directory snapshot (latest content type entries from any content type on t the site e.g. blog, press release, recipe, product/service)


Groups/Forums (multiple groups per site)
Newsletters Twitter integration (display any stream)
Facebook widget integration (via HTML embed) AddThis (visitors can send content and pages to a myriad of social media sites.)
E-mail site members directly (all or select) Member Profiles (with variable member information)
Single user ID membership for registrants across all networked sites


Drag & Drop layout
Fully Responsive for Great Mobile Experience
A wide range of widget regions for variable 1, 2 and 3 column horizontal and vertical layouts. Limitless layout possibilities.
Style switcher (interchangeable styles) Color Picker – change color, size or placement of any design element
Pre-loaded alternate wallpaper images per site Upload jpegs and pngs as wallpaper and header
Upload logo Alter any region’s padding & site dimensions
Save/Load multiple design alternatives when in design mode Version contol. Revert to past saved versions of design.
Select font, typesizes anf font colors
Upload favicon
Re-arrange navigation and menus with drag and drop
Sub-navigation and menus (drop downs)
Edit CSS


Site admin can create limited permissions for contributors/registered users to access features Custom top level URL (e.g. MySite.com)
H1 tags Meta-tags for search engine optimization
XML Site Maps for search engine optimization Auto-clean URLs for search engine optimization
Path Redirect (SEO tool for migrating sites) Hourly, daily, monthly traffic statistics (simple format)
Google Analytics integration Take site offline and edit in private mode
Portable site: export complete site database
  • Export open-source Drupal needed ode to recreate site (without Buzzr user interface)
  • Export content
  • Export style or theme
  • Export member data


Custom feature developments leveraging Drupal library of 25,000+ widgets
Central site directory, dynamically updating (based on custom selection of content types) Aggregate member activity on user profiles (member social network)

Show Off Your Expertise

Show off your expertise

Establish yourself as a trusted expert and source of invaluable information with advanced publishing tools, including a full-featured content management system for creating blogs, articles, directories, lists and forms.

A Myriad of Design Tools

Whether you're a beginner and want an instant theme, an online Picasso who wants a rainbow palette of colors at your disposal with just a point and click, or an advanced themer who needs CSS with version control, Buzzr has you covered.

Super Social

Super Social

The only website platform specifically designed for Social Media Optimization (Learn the ABCs of SMO.) Use your website to build a network of loyal followers on Twitter and Facebook. Plus be part of our network of Buzzr sites, giving you access to thousands of more visitors.

Now with Auto-Tweet!

Professional Strength

The same advanced features used by the White House, Sony Artists and The Economist and now streamlined especially for the non-technical user! Turn features on and off with a check box and easily decide exactly who has permission to do what your site. Large enterprises spend tens of thousands for sites with this power.

Next Generation Quickstarts

Next gen templates

Dozens of complete sample sites, created by synthesizing the best websites in your industry, then layering in advanced Buzzr features, like PayPal/Product Page integration. Start with a Quickstart clone already customized for your vertical, then personalize your with drag & drop widgets and check boxes. Check out our Quickstart previews.

Totally Portable

10 seconds to export - 10 minutes to rebuild. Never get stuck on a D.I.Y. platform ever again. Re-install your site on any database. Under the hood, we use Drupal, a powerful and free professional developer platform, so you can, too, if you ever want to leave the easy Buzzr tool-set behind.