The Buzz Behind Drupal and How it Works with Buzzr

Used by Sony, The White House, Intel, Martha Stewart, Walmart, and the Grammys, Drupal is the world's most state-of-the-art open source website content management systems. The open source Drupal project has more 10,000+ modules maintained by more than 500,000 project participants. Renowned for it's comprehensiveness, Drupal is also known for its complexity and the high level of expertise required to create and maintain sophisticated websites or multi-site environments.

Buzzr is "Drupal-Made-Easy," featuring a slick drag & drop user interface ("Breathtaking," says one Stanford analyst) that ordinary users can without weeks of technical training. We offer a carefully curated configuration of the best of Drupal's thousands of modules, which we streamline and integrate for use by small and medium-sized websites. These SME websites are contained within a hosted and networked multi-environment, customized to your specifications. And we continue to take care of performance, security and module upgrades -- among the biggest headaches of Drupal.

We are major contributors to the Drupal project. More than 100,000 sites use powerful features created by Buzzr for the Drupal project.

"I Love Drupal but..."

Now, there's Buzzr!

"The power and detailed configurability of Drupal make it challenging to learn and cumbersome to use." With the innovative Buzzr usability layer sitting on top of Drupal, building modifying, and managing websites is now easier than ever.
"Even for an expert, creating sites is a time-consuming process, especially since I work at an organization that needs multiple sites and microsites." Buzzr's streamlined drag & drop / point & click interface turns days of work into just hours. Site templating, including auto-configured placement of blocks and pre-set permissions, creates spin-off sites at warp speed.
"My internal users are always asking me to make changes or updates to their sites. I wish they could just do the easy stuff and call me only for the hard stuff." Buzzr empowers non-techie product and content managers to take charge of their websites, from content management, to layout, to design. Fine-grained permissions still allow administrators to limit feature access by user.
"We have a lot of sites and a lot of visitors creating new profiles over and over again. I wish we could tie our sites' membership together." Buzzr sites include a local database and central database, so member profiles are centralized from site to site.
"Staying on top of updates to core and all my modules is a real task. How do I ensure my sites have the latest in security and feature upgrades?" Buzzr takes care of all updates to Drupal core and modules.
"Running my own servers is a hassle and expensive, too." Cloud hosting, performance tuning, security, and backups are all taken care of by Buzzr. And incremental pricing based on usage makes Buzzr highly affordable.
"I wish it was simpler to administer and configure all my Drupal sites at once." Back-end tools provide efficient administration on both individual sites and overlal platform. Templates can be modified to update all sites at once.
"I worry about what it would take to migrate a site somewhere else." Export your modules and all your site data to an external environment at any time. There is no vendor lock-in with Buzzr.