Outsourced Website Production, Design & Customer Support

Development & Integration

Buzzr can be customized at your request with Drupal’s 10,000+ modules. Or, we can develop new modules just for your environment. In addition, we can integrate Buzzr with a variety of external services, such as intranets, CRMs, e-commerce suites. We can also create custom APIs.
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Outsourced Website Production, Design and Customer Support Services

We provide outsourced private-label website production, custom design and customer support services for Buzzr clients who want us to provide a turn-key service for their SMB or small organization customers. We have both on shore and offshore resources and can manage clients selling thousands of websites/mobile websites each month. Our designers also create custom Quickstarts in a huge variety of verticals for the Buzzr Enterprise Edition. Past examples of heavily customized vertical templates include restaurants, hotels, retail hardware stores, churches, non-profits and dentists.
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