Outsourced Website Production, Design and Customer Support

You handle sales and marketing. Let us create your clients' websites and handle customer support.

We provide outsourced website production, design and customer support services to Buzzr enterprise clients who want us to handle all operations, whether for an enterprise website or a large multi-site with SMB customers. We have high quality custom designers and developers for for high end websites. We also have on-shore call centers and off-shore production teams that can process thousands of sites per month at highly affordable prices.

Our team can also work with you create highly customized templates for specific verticals. Examples of past work include restaurants, hotels, retails stores, dentists, non-profits, religious organizations and lawyers.

We've helped create thousands of websites for small businesses and small organizations. The team members behind Buzzr have also helped build and design some of the world's most prominent websites for large organizations, from Grammy.com, to MarthaStewart.com and the Sony Artist multi-site platform

The breakthrough technology of the streamlined, hosted Buzzr platform allows us to bring the same quality of high-end content management and social tools to your clients/users at affordable prices. Starting as low as couple of hundred dollars, we'll create websites other providers charge many thousands of dollars for. And instead of waiting months, we can usually turn around a project in two weeks,

You can check out some of the great sites built by Buzzr on our Client Showcase page. And for an in-depth look at how one site came together, read this Case Study about a site that enables 30,000 U.K. churches to rate & review 40+ charitable programs.

Our professional services team will help you plan what kind of Quickstarts are best for your organization, then we'll work with you to design a custom look and feel for each Quickstart, as well as configure your content and features. We can also help you migrate off old sites to new Buzzr sites.

For Enterprise Edition clients we also provide training and tools to create your own Quickstarts and styles.