Content, Marketing and Monetization.

You want to make your presence felt online. A website with great editorial content is a great starting point. But you need more. Standing out from the crowd means knowing how to best distribute your content across the web, including on paid publisher networks of thousands of sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wikipedia.

We’re content experts. Our roots are in publishing. We built Buzzr based on decades of experience writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and academic publications. We ran and We’ve worked with large media companies, small businesses, venture-backed tech companies, prominent CEOS and many others.

But we are also are deep experts in using paid digital marketing channels  to scale content messages to reach just the right audience, at the best price possible. Our tool suite includes artificial intelligence software for placing Facebook ads and multi-variant testing of headlines and images across thousands of content partner sites.

For example, for, we created entirely new business strategy, branding, design, technology, on-going multi-media editorial content (with dedicated staff members hired and supervised by Buzzr); organic, social and paid marketing,; and sales/monetization. The site is owned by Capezio, the largest dancewear company in the United States. Learn more in this article in Media Week  here.

Website Content, Marketing and Monetization

Your visitors – and Facebook and the search engines – won’t love you unless you give them fresh content. Whether it’s blog posts, articles, videos, user generated contet or new images, we can help. We’ll tailor the content and its meta-data so it’s especially search engine and social media friendly. We can also train you to take over from us, once we’ve pointed you in the right direction.

Our services include complete operational control of editorial websites, including staffing up with full-time editorial, marketing and monetization personal. We’ll even do strategic planning and branding (we’ve even helped digital companies just with their branding.)  Modern digital publishing requires assembling a vast array of vendors, to handle everything from licensing photos and music, to ad trafficking, to programmatic advertising networks, to social media management and analytics, to specialized paid marketing software. We know all the top vendors (and the vendors to stay away from).

But that’s just half the story. Your content won’t be effective unless it reaches exactly the right audience. We can find that audience for you, whether it means testing content placements on, or, or doing hyper-targeting with artificial intelligence on Facebook. We have run marketing budgets in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to build audiences in the millions.

Let us create an entire digital media content marketing project around your brand or idea.

No website yet? We built the Buzzr Content Management System. And we can work with other CMS, too. We can help.

Contact (917) 410-1490 and ask for Ed Sussman

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

We’ll set you up or, if you’re already up and running, polish up your presence. We’ll write tweets, post Facebook updates, and post images for you. But our main goal is to train you to maintain a dynamic content presence, with a strong marketing message that cross-promotes all your online presences. Keeping your social media content current is also amazing for SEO.  On social media, we’ve had clients go from a monthly reach of under 100,000 to more than 10 million.

Corporate Wikipedia Experts

Please visit our new division,

Wikipedia is a massive and influential global presence. Clients should be aware of it and view it as a critical medium in their communication portfolio.

*Wikipedia is the 6th most visited website on the web, according to Alexa.
*It has 2.7 billion page views a month.
*It features more than four million articles in the English version alone.
*It is frequently among the top results for a Google search on any subject.
*It is viewed as a highly trustworthy source by much of the public and is frequently relied on even more than official websites.

Through our divisions,, we specialize in “white hat” Wikipedia consulting and content creation, offering the highest possible level of writing and research, all abiding with official Wikipedia policies, including full disclosure of conflict of interest. Our full disclosure policy means that unlike most other Wikipedia consultants, we publicly put our reputation on the line with every edit, which motivates us to only do work of the highest caliber. We’ve helped many companies and individuals with a wide range of articles, even managing to get articles approved about companies or individuals who were previously rejected.

Contact (917) 410-1490 and ask for Ed Sussman