Announcing Our New Client Website:

Hi all, Buzzr was lucky enough to have been hired by Capzeio, the largest dancewear company in the United States, to re-invent and operate their site, one of the best URLs on the web. The site required a top to bottom reinvention, from strategy to branding to technology to content to marketing and sales. […]

Welcome Back: Free Websites on the Platform!

When we launched the Buzzr platform in 2009, we gave away thousands of free websites on networked together on a social discovery platform. Eventually, we changed to a paid model. But now we’re proud to re-introduce free websites on, tightly integrated in a content discovery social network. We love websites. We love discovering […]

Latest on Buzzr Higher Education

mStoner, our partner in the Buzzr Education Content Management System, recently highlighted the dramatic performance optimization we’ve done on the platform over the past year. as well as several other features. Here’s a reprint of the column from COO Bill McLaughlin. Buzzr Higher Ed CMS Product Enhancements Since 2012, we’ve partnered with Buzzr to offer […]

Buzzr Announces Content Marketing Division with Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook Services

(New York) – Buzzr announced today that it would be expanding into content marketing, assisting organizations and individuals with creating online content for their websites, mobile sites and social media presences, such as Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook. “We’ve always taken a consultative approach with our website clients, including assisting them with content,” said Buzzr CEO […]

Interview with Buzzr in Higher Ed Tech Decisions

Ed Sussman, the CEO of Buzzr, spoke a few weeks ago to Jessica Kennedy, an editor for Just out, her article, based on the conversation: “7 Benefits to Redesigning Your University’s Website Today.” Her list? 1) Customizable content2) The opportunity to be hosted on the Cloud3) Putting your best practices into place4) Following the […]

Overview of Top Eight Content Management Systems (CMS) for Higher Education

By Ed Sussman, CEO, If you need a content management system (CMS) for higher education (or for a secondary school), you have many good choices. We think the Buzzr Education CMS is among the strongest, especially for smaller colleges (with strategy, implementation and design from our partner mStoner), for larger schools looking for multi-sites […]

Same Site, Many Screens and Sizes

Here’s how one of our Buzzr Higher Education CMS sites looks on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Made possible thanks to the Responsive Design of our rapid implementation CMS.

New Performance Gains for Buzzr

While Buzzr still is used as the website and mobile platform for many small businesses and small orrganizations, the Buzzr Higher Education Edition CMS is for much larger sites, with hundreds of pages and tens of thousands of monthly visitors. So, to keep up with the demand of these larger sites, we’ve worked closely with […]

Palo Alto University Website Goes Live!

The latest website (and responsive mobile site) created with the Buzzr Higher Education Edition CMS went live today — the very attractive for Palo Alto University. The site was built in collaboration with mStoner, the design and strategy lead. mStoner also built the companion site,, for the university’s counseling and psychotherapy center. More […]

Behind Paul Smith’s College Website: The Video

Below is a video of a webinar our partner mStoner did with the people at Paul Smith’s College about their experience with the Buzzr Higher Education Edition. They like us, they really like us.