Find and Follow Fabulous Stuff You’ll Love. Create Sites Worth Loving

We love websites. We love discovering them. We love making them. We love learning from them.

Our professional services teams run giants websites on behalf of clients, such as Capezio, for whom we operate the editorial website Dance.com – from technology to editorial, marketing and business/financial planning.

And our website platform, available to anyone for free on Buzzr.com, is a place for other people who love websites, too. It’s a place to discover a crazy jumble of websites filled with great things, great ideas, great companies, great shows, great people and more. All shared on the same “social publishing” network of sites.

Buzzr is a place to show off your very best stuff on your own, very best (free!) Buzzr-built website. Because sometimes a simple blog or social media profile just isn’t enough. You want to dig deeper. You want to learn more from the websites you discover. And you want to say more with the websites you build. You want more control over every page and every word and every photo.

And when you have all those things taken, together, you have Buzzr.

It’s like Tumblr or Medium but for people who love websites, not just blogs. All the content discovery. All the benefits of showing off your stuff on a highly-networked platform. But with lovely, modern themes that other people pay thousands of dollars for. And lovely, modern website management features that won’t leave you scratching your head.

Go ahead. Catch the Buzz! You can contact us at info@buzzr.com or call (917) 410-1490