Announcing Our New Client Website:

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Buzzr was lucky enough to have been hired by Capzeio, the largest dancewear company in the United States, to re-invent and operate their site, one of the best URLs on the web. The site required a top to bottom reinvention, from strategy to branding to technology to content to marketing and sales. It was a large undertaking — but we were able to get the new editorial site up and running, with new branding and a dedicated editorial staff, in just three months — and not just any site. A highly sophisticated premium editorial website. And we’ve greatly expanded our in-house video production skills specifically because of this site. We’re now producing 10 or more original videos a week.

As I write this, almost exactly eight weeks after beta launch and about three weeks after our official launch, we are about to have our first day crossing 100,000 page views (in a single day!) – when we started, the site was getting less than 500 page views a day.

We’ve also taken on sales and marketing for the site, coordinating closely with Capezio’s publisher for, my old friend Harold Bolling, with whom I grew and fro about $1 million in revenue to $12 million in revenue in about 3 years.

Below is the full press release announcing the site. If your company has a digital media brand, or a idea for a media brand, and you need help, please e-mail me, Ed Sussman at or call 917-410-1490




NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ announced its debut today as the first editorial website to cover all aspects of dance from viral videos to TV dance shows to ballet, Broadway and beyond. The brand also features monthly video dance competitions and an online community for dancers.

“This is a place for all dance fans,” said Pia Catton, editor in chief of “Dance has become a huge cultural force, and we’re bringing all genres together, regardless of notions about what’s ‘high’ and ‘low’.”

Catton spent seven years at The Wall Street Journal, reporting on dance and the performing arts. “Dance deserves its own media brand,” she said. “It plays an integral role in culture, in the same way music does.”

Its first week, features interviews with Taye Diggs (film star and choreographer); Derek Hough (five time Dancing with the Stars champion) and Miles Brown (child star of black-ish anddancer).

During its beta, content has already found a viral audience, with a Facebook reach of more than 10 million people for its coverage of theWisconsin High School dance team’s fierce Beyonce tribute. The video for “Sorry Beyonce, This Formation Ballroom Dance Is Completely Mesmerizing” reached almost 2 million people.

For its first monthly contest, “Show Us Your Best Jumps and Turns” is inviting dancers of all genres and skill levels to enter videos of their most creative combinations. The prize is $500 and a TV appearance for the “Jumps and Turns” Champion. Upcoming monthly contests include “Pet Dance Party!” and “Military Groove.” is owned by Capezio, the 130-year-old dancewear company, and is operated by Buzzr, a digital media, marketing and technology firm.

“We’ve been watching as dance explodes on television, film, music videos, video games, and dance competitions,” said Anthony Giacoio Jr., CEO of Capezio. “It was time for someone to bring it all together.”

In fact, 56 million people watch the top 10 dance-focused television series and specials; 61.5 million copies of the two best-selling dance video games have been sold; among the top 10 YouTube videos of all time, six feature dancing, with some 12 billion views.

The brand brings together Ed Sussman, former president of and, and Harold Bolling, the former publisher of and

“This is a much bigger potential audience and revenue opportunity than our previous collaboration,” said Ed Sussman, Buzzr CEO. “The digital content market had a significant content hole and is stepping in to fill it.”

Bolling noted that dance is an expression of celebration, and is therefore among the most joyous art forms. “An association with happiness creates an emotional bond between consumers and advertisers.”

For sales, contact Harold Bolling at