Overview of Top Eight Content Management Systems (CMS) for Higher Education

By Ed Sussman, CEO, Buzzr.com

If you need a content management system (CMS) for higher education (or for a secondary school), you have many good choices. We think the Buzzr Education CMS is among the strongest, especially for smaller colleges (with strategy, implementation and design from our partner mStoner), for larger schools looking for multi-sites with anywhere from a handful to many hundreds of websites or microsites; schools or departments within universities and, for secondary schools. But we also want to review the competition, so you can more fully evaluate your choices. So here they are, eight marketing leading CMS for colleges and schools. The listing is in alphabetical order. Buzzr just happens to be first!

1) Buzzr Education Content Management System

We created the Buzzr Higher Education CMS in partnership with mStoner, the world’s leading marketing and digital marketing and strategy consulting firm for Higher Education. mStoner has created more than 170 higher ed websites since they started more than a dozen years ago. Buzzr itself started in 2008. mStoner works with us on primary websites for smaller colleges and schools, such as Paul Smith’s College and Palo Alto University. We’re a pure technology firm focused 100% on building a great CMS and have created open source Drupal technology that’s been used by over 100,000 websites. Buzzr also offers a multi-site product for creating and editing as many as thousands of websites. And Buzzr will works with individual departments at schools, from the smallest to the largest.

Our platform is known as very affordable and having fast turn around times. We’re also a complete turn-key solution, with hosting and support built in. Technically, this is known as Software as a Service, or SaaS. Our solution lets schools create and easily administer either their main campus websites (and responsive mobile sites) and/or many smaller sites using the same centralized system. If you want an in-depth review of the process of working with the Buzr Higher Ed CMS for a small college, you can look at this video from our partner. Recent websites include Palo Alto University, Paul Smith’s College, and this departmental site for Utah State University.


2) Campus Suite

Focused on just the higher education market for 15+ years. Focuses on bringing together community of students, faculty, parents and alumni. Views their products as communication tools. Campus Suite customer support is trained to focus on problems specific to Higher Ed. Offer online, phone and video support.


3) Hannon Hill

Hannon Hill, founded in 2001, is known for premium customer support. Customers can call them as much as they want and speak to the entire Hannon Hill staff. Special help forums, webinars and tools & tips posts to further advance customer support. Cascade Server is their premium CMS product. Cascade Server emphasizees features for mobile, social, agile/flexiblity, collaboration and extensibility.


4) Ingeniux

A popular choice, Ingeniux offers CMS 8, along with 24×7 support. They also offer robust digital asset management.


5) Jadu

Jadu is very popular with colleges. It’s also a CMS used in other verticals.


6) LiveWhale

The LiveWhale’s CMS also provides easy content creation and editing. Bills itself as the CMS “for storytellers.”


7) OmniUpdate

Founded in 1982, the company has focsed on higher ed since the 1990s. Their OU Campus CMS has been deployed by scores of educational institutions, making it a market leader. The CMS’s highlighted features include powerful administration, streamlined content, user-friendly editing, reusable content, quality control, convenient publishing, extensibility and effortless syndication.


8) Terminal Four

T4‘s slogan is “defining digital engagement for Higher Education.” Headquartered in Dublin, T4 serves large numbers of European clients, but also has U.S., Australia and UK offices. “Achieve greater engagement online with personalization, social media integration, easy to create micro and mobile sites,” T4 promises.