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Know all those sites you visit then lose track of, maybe forever? Not with Buzzr. Whether it's site about a television show, a small business, a school, a musician or thousands of other subjects, you can discover it on Buzzr. Don't see something you like? Create a free site in less than a minute.

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Easy to Follow (Coming soon)

Once you follow a site, its updates show up on your feed. No need to jump from place to place to keep up with a site you like. And if you see a post you really like, you can easily share it on you site or on social media. Lead, follow, publish or browse. It's up to you

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Free Website Builder

It's not just a blog. It's a real website with a host of drag and drop widgets, from slideshows to social media integration. Plus in line editing, beatiful themes and great SEO.

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Built in Buzz!

Want to promote your documentary? Your business? Your rock band? You can doit creating a free Buzzr site with built in Buzz! Our directory and network of fabulous sites, promoted to Buzzr visitors with one click follow, helps assure you won't get lost in a sea of millions. We call is social publishing. Perfect as either a primary or complimentary site.

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Mobile Ready

No need to build a separate mobile site, using a separate platform. When you create a site with Buzzr, it's already mobile ready. Looks great on any device.

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Beautiful Themes

Online design trends have changed a ot in the last few years especially because of the influence of mobile. Bigger photos, less clutter, easier to read pages with fewer columns. Our themes are modern and beautiful. And completely customizable.

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Quick and Easy

Select a site name. Pick an amazing, modern theme. Click to build and your site is ready. Now, just add content!

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