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Buzzr combines unparalleled journalistic experience with cutting-edge  paid distribution, organic marketing and advanced analytics.  

Our editorial staff and project leads include a Pulitzer Prize winner, a former New York Times business columnist, a veteran writer from the Wall Street Journal, a New York Times best-selling non-fiction author and many more.  And we’re expert at designing content templates best suited for your objectives. But our secret sauce is a tight integration of editorial services with paid marketing: we leverage multiple networks of thousands of publishers, as well as the top social platforms, to distribute, test and optimize your content to meet precisely-measured Key Performance Indicators customized for your organization.



Whether you need to step up the branded content creation and distribution for your blog or app, launch a full-scale digital magazine, or create a content cradle around your website’s e-commerce experience,  we can customize our services to meet your needs.


We’ll listen carefully to determine your business needs and form an editorial, paid distribution, social media, SEO, testing and optimization strategy.  Buzzr’s broad range of services are reviewed and tailored to your specific needs – whether it’s branding, e-commerce, lead generation, fundraising or something entirely novel.  We’ll recommend a basic editorial approach, such as a blog, newsletter, digital magazine, specialized e-commerce content template. Our strategy always includes integrating best-of-breed software solutions, including precise KPI and ROI measurement tools. 


We match your content needs with an editor experienced in the relevant subject matter, such as design, technology, fashion, performing arts or science. That editor, in turn, recruits and supervises freelancers from a large networks of writers and video producers. Our ranks include many leading editors, journalists and writers .  Buzzr uses advanced technology to do predictive analysis of topic and story selection, before the content is even assigned, by looking at how similar subjects performed as paid content. We can also provide performance analysis of organic content from competitors even if it wasn’t promoted as a paid campaign.  At the end of the day, though, it’s the expertise and creativity of our media veterans that gives Buzzr-created content its spark.


We work with a wide variety of vendors and software tools to get your content promotions in front of the ideal audience. Whether it’s micro-targeting of posts on Facebook or Instagram, or branding campaigns across leading publisher titles, we’re able to provide a deep reservoir of distribution options. Our experience with artificial intelligence vendors across multiple platforms has taught us the tremendous value of continuous testing of new publishers and promotions.


We’ll test hundreds of articles, videos, images, headlines and captions to find the best performers. Artificial intelligence enables micro-buys of these many content variations before more significant sums are spent on the “winners.” Tracking reports show the precise cost/benefit breakdown based on your KPIs (including monetization). As we learn what works for your content, the editorial becomes even more focused to meet your goals. 


    Our CEO was a pioneer in digital content marketing. He created large scale content marketing programs for companies such as American Express, Dell and Monster.com.

    ​We created and ran Dance.com, which grew to become the largest editorial dance website in the world.

    We created and ran a multi-media content marketing program for Lincoln Center.

    Our Chief Content Officer spent almost a decade at the Wall Street Journal writing about the arts.

    Our Chief Editorial Strategist won a Pulitzer Prize for her work as a critic.


Ed Sussman, CEO of Buzzr, is the former president of Inc.com and FastCompany.com. He was EVP at Mansueto Ventures, the holding company for Fast Company and Inc. Magazines, leading digital, biz dev, and events. At Buzzr, Ed led the paid marketing campaign for Dance.com, making it the biggest dance website in the world in just three months. He has been executive editor at Inc. Magazine, senior editor at Worth and P.O.V., and a reporter at the Wall Street Journal Europe.   

​Pia Catton, Chief Content Officer of Buzzr, was a reporter at the Wall Street Journal for seven years, covering everything from dance to Broadway to horse racing. At Buzzr, Pia served as the editor-in-chief for media website Dance.com. She was previously the Features Editor at both Politico and the New York Sun.

Manuela Hoeltefhoff, Special Advisor and Editorial Strategist, is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize for cultural criticism. She ran the cultural coverage of the Wall Street Journal for almost two decades. Manuela then spent a decade at Bloomberg Media, where was the editor of Muse, covering the arts, culture, architecture, the built environment, cars and more. 

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